Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: In My Bath by Beth Bence Reinke

In My Bath, published by 4RV Publishing LLC in May of 2010
Author:  Beth Bence Reinke
Illustrator:  Ginger Nielson

I had a surprise in the mailbox today.  4RV Publishing sent me a delightful picture book, In My Bath, about a boy taking a bath and the wonderful adventures he imagines.  I settled back in my comfy chair, and was soon lost in the bright, imaginative illustrations.  The boy in the bath, whose name we never learn,  frolics and plays with his animal friends as he scrubs and floats and dives.  Kids will laugh at the games he plays as he cleans himself and his bath toys.

This book will entrance and entertain 4-8 year olds, as well as their parents, although I do wonder who will clean up the mess after the belly flops and fun are over.  Heartily recommended.  5 STARS


  1. Looks adorable! :) Congrats on the launch of your blog!:)

  2. Thanks, and I appreciate your stopping by.

  3. Thanks for the great review, Ben. I would like to copy and put in the file of In My Bath Reviews. I'll certainly give a link to this blog.

  4. What a lovely surprise to find my book reviewed here. Thank you so much, Ben!

    All best with your new blog!

  5. Nice to visit your blog, Ben. I love Beth's book as well.

  6. Vivian - Certainly, go right ahead.

    Beth - It was my pleasure. A wonderful book that makes me sad that my own children are too old (15, 20 & 24), but which I might share with the pre-schoolers I teach in Sunday School.

    Rena - Thanks for stopping by, and never feel shy about suggesting other books to review (goes for all my readers).

  7. I am so pleased! This was a wonderful book to illustrate and the author, Beth Bence Reinke has many more wonderful stories to share. Thank you so much for the nice review and best of luck with your blog!