Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review Guidelines

5 Stars - I enthusiastically recommend, and encourage you to buy a copy to keep.
4 Stars - I recommend with enthusiasm, but have a few small concerns.
3 Stars - I recommend this book for some readers, but not for everybody.
2 Stars - I can't recommend this book, but know some others may like it.
1 Star - I do not recommend this, and have serious objections to it.

I am committed to giving honest reviews, but you will find very few overly negative reviews here.  If a book would receive fewer than three stars, I am likely to post a review on Amazon or Goodreads, but not here.  My purpose at My Comfy Chair is to find and share books that you and your children will read and enjoy, so I only post reviews here for books I can recommend.

I review books for any age up to early young adult.  See the links at the right hand of the site to help you find the appropriate topics, such as "picture books", "middle grade", "tweens", "teens" and "young adult".  Obviously, the boundaries of these categorizations is fuzzy, and should not be seen as a restriction, but simply a guideline.

If you have a book you would like to submit for review, see the "guidelines link" and read the Submission Guidelines.

Notes on content:

Books for middle grade through teens may contain some scary situations and some romance, but nothing terribly graphic in terms of violence, swearing, drugs or sex.

This is an open and affirming book review site.  I welcome books with characters of various religious, cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds.  I will happily review books with married characters of the same gender, but will warn readers in case any adults are uncomfortable with such arrangements.

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