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Digital Debuts: Leanne Beattie's Cage of Bone

Cage of Bone

Cage of Bone, Amazon Digital Services in May 2011
Author: Leanne Beattie

This is my first review in a series called Digital Debuts in which I review debut books for young adults (or younger) by authors who have chosen to publish in eBook format only, at least to start. Usually, these will be self-published, or as good as self-published, and thus usually under $5. They are also great books that will entertain and provoke, but not disappoint.

Veronica Campbell, known as Ronnie to the few friends she has, finds her life crashing around her after her popular older sister, Katherine, commits suicide. Ronnie's mother is a mess, her father who had left them a year before has a new girlfriend, and Ronnie has trouble dealing with the kids in school. Not that she wants to deal with them. She doesn't want anything but to get her sister back, or at least to understand why Katherine would kill herself.

That might sound depressing, but through all the pain and anger, Ronnie shows signs of the strength and intelligence that will help her survive. She finds a cool guy at the record store, and though all the girls drool over him, there are signs that perhaps he has noticed her, past the combat boots and spiked hair and leave-me-alone attitutde.

This is a book for older teens and young adults. There's some drinking, some drug references and sexual activity that would not be right for younger teens. For those old enough and mature enough to handle it, the story is compelling and important, dealing with both the loss of loved ones and the loss of innocence. It is also a story of hope, although not a campy, easy hope. My only complaint might be that the story wound up quickly, but that is only a complaint because I wanted to know more about Ronnie, more about Griffin, more about how they all turn out.

Mostly, it is a book you should read. This is Leanne Beattie's first novel, but she has a deft and knowing touch when it comes to teenagers. I certainly hope to see more from Ms. Beattie, which is where you come in. Cage of Bone is $2.99, and worth much more. Buy her book. Share it with your friends. They'll thank you.

Five stars!

Buy from Amazon for $2.99

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