Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WIP Before Wednesday - HC SVNT DRACONES

Last week I was in Germany presenting on various technical topics, so my Writer's Crusade posts were all I could manage. Now, back in Shaker Heights, Ohio with the sun shining in the window and trying (unsuccessfully) to convince me it is warm out there, I am back to my WIP.

My wife is an excellent proof reader with a real eye for misused grammar, typos and repeated words, but I have never really let her (or begged her to) read my rough drafts before. She usually sees a story long after my writing partners have picked it apart. This time, I decided to ask her to read it in its rough form. Partly, I think I wanted her to know how much polishing goes into it before she usually sees it.

Given my wife's intelligence and sheer competence, it should not surprise me that she could immediately identify a structural issue with my troll story.

"You need a map," she said. "Oh, and a timeline."

I hemmed and hawed, but of course she is right. I have an entire adventure with only the haziest idea of location or time. I have virtually no sense of perspective, but even a rough map with woods over here and the river over there, Mount Dreadful in the distance and the all-important HC SVNT DRACONES labeled could only serve to make the progress of our fearless (when not trembling) trolls. (I can't tell you how happy it makes me that the HC SVNT DRACONES, Here be dragons, is really on my map.)

With two books of adventures written, I know some geographical issues that need to work for the second book even though they aren't important for the first. Unfortunately, I have forests where there need to be rocky plains, a stream where one couldn't be. In short, I have a mess.

If you are looking for me this bright, sunny and miserably cold Tuesday, you will probably find me holed up in my office, trying to figure out how to move a river or make it flow uphill. With any luck, I can tackle the time line later this afternoon.


  1. Just had to pop over and let you know that a guy on twitter with pink hair is so sexy :)

    I hope the girls' book does well.

  2. Lucky you - I haven't been to Germany yet!
    And, er, being a typo catcher myself, I'm with your wife [g] I love maps and timelines in books.
    Passed you an award, fellow crusader! http://thegirdleofmelian.blogspot.com/2011/02/passing-on-awards-and-passing-on.html

  3. Angela - Thanks! Hmm. That falls into that very small category of things-my-wife-need-not-hear (along with what really happened to the garden gnome next door and that sort of thing).

    Deniz - I've been to Germany a number of times, and always enjoyed it.

  4. It's been 20 years since I've been to Germany, but it was beautiful then, and I'm sure it looks about the same.

    Good luck with your map and timeline. I like drawing maps, but I usually write out most of the story before I know what to put on mine. It's a good thing we don't have to get everything right on our first draft, right?

  5. Oh I haven't been to Germany yet and I would love to see it, too! Husband had been there before and he always tells me what a beautiful country it is.

    Wow, you are so lucky to have a wife who has a lot of input in your work. I can't get my husband to read my writing! :(

  6. So nice of your wife! My hubby reads my stuff, but mostly just catches a plot discrepancy or 2. Which is important, but I have to have someone else catch any grammar/sentence structural things.